Satanist Trying to Get Ahead

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Two convicted killers shared a cell at Corcoran State Prison in California.

When the morning of March 9, 2019 came around, only one was still alive.

31 year old Jaime Osuna had decapitated and dissected the body of his cellmate, 44 year old Luis Romero with a makeshift knife.

The killing, one of the most heinous to occur in a California prison, has prompted investigations and a lawsuit over why Romero was in a cell with Osuna, who is a self-proclaimed satanist with a history of attacking his cellmates.

Osuna’s killing was characterized by prosecutors as a “sadistic torture slaying”. Using a razor-type blade attached to a handle, Osuna disfigured Romero, cutting out one of his eyes, chopping off one of his fingers and removing part of his ribs and slicing out part of his lung.

He ultimately cut off his head. He also posed the body, and according to the autopsy, he sliced Romero’s face open on either side of his mouth to resemble an extended smile.

Guards found Osuna wearing a necklace made of Romero’s body parts.

The Kings County Executive Assistant called it the most heinous slaying he had ever seen. He added, “We do believe that the victim was conscious during at least a portion of the time.”

Osuna had never had a cellmate until Romero arrived two days earlier.

And that was apparently with good reason… During his stint in a Kern County detention facility, he had been found with hatchets and other weapons and was deemed a “high-risk, staff assaultive” threat to guards.

In one incident, Osuna found his way into another inmate’s cell, where he stabbed and slashed his face, resulting in 67 stitches.

Osuna has been transferred to Salinas Valley State Prison’s psychiatric inpatient program. He has been diagnosed with unspecified schizophrenia spectrum, antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Gee, You think they should have thought about looking into this before?

I know this is shocking, but a judge has ruled that Osuna is not competent to stand trial for Romero’s death.

And hey, if anyone is looking for a roommate who is a sadistic, satanic slicer, I hear he is looking!