Oct. 30, 2021

Centipede Bites Hurt

Centipede Bites Hurt

This episode pretty much has it all - unintentional cannibalism, stupid criminals, plasic surgery gone wrong, and an attack with hot grits! Where else could you possibly get a mix of stories like this?

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Today's stories:

  • Chinese Serial Killer Sold Delicious Ostrich Meat
  • Drunk Man Reported Missing Joins Search Party for Himself
  • Adult Film Actress with Backyard Butt Implants
  • Man Gets Insurance Payout after Centipede Bites his Nether Regions
  • Woman in Custody for Abandoning Burning Car While Naked
  • Boston High School Forced to Use Party Bus with Stripper Pole
  • Man Arrested After Robbing Same Bank for Second Time in 3 Days
  • New Jersey Serial Killer Sentenced to 160 Years in Prison
  • Pizza Roll Pooper Apprehended
  • Man Staged His Murder Victim at Walmart
  • Man Sues Psychic Over Ex-girlfriend's Curse
  • Metal Nails and Screws Removed from Man’s Stomach
  • Woman Charged With Felonious Grits Attack
  • Man Uses Sign as a Weapon


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