A little about News with Bill...

Thank you for finding your way here!

News with Bill is my answer to the typical things that you see reported by major news outlets. I quite frankly have grown tired of what I typically see or hear reported on the news – politics, negativity, self-important noncelebrities, and the like. I was looking for something more… stories that are off the beaten path, odd, unusual, and maybe funny. News with Bill (NWB) aims to dig through the news to find stories like these and bring them to your attention.

I am confident that you will learn a few things by listening to News with Bill:

  1. There definitely are people weirder than you in the world.
  2. After hearing the stories, you will realize that the place you live is really not as bad as you thought.
  3. While Florida may be an epicenter of oddity, it is by no means exclusive.

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