Inappropriate Cockpit Conduct

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A Southwest Airlines pilot has been sentenced to 1 year of probation after watching porn on a flight and exposing his genitals to another officer.

60-year-old pilot Michael Haak was sentenced by U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Mark Coulson and ordered to pay $5,000.

Haak said about the incident, “It started as a consensual prank between me and the other pilot - I never imagined it would turn into this in a thousand years.”

The flight took place in about a year ago when Captain Haak “disrobed” on the flight en route from Philadelphia to Orlando as he watched pornography on a laptop in the cockpit.

Prosecutors characterized this as “not the kind of behavior that anyone should accept.”

They continued, “As the plane continued its flight, Haak further engaged in inappropriate conduct in the cockpit, as the first officer continued to perform her duties as an assigned aircrew member.”

Shortly after retiring in April, Haak pleaded guilty to intentionally committing a lewd, indecent or obscene act in a public place. Haak’s attorney said he “offers no excuses. The embarrassment and resulting publicity of this incident has in and of itself been humbling to Michael Haak and has served as punishment in many ways.”

According to a Southwest representative, they have “ceased paying Mr. Haak any benefits he was entitled to receive as a result of his separation from the airline.”

Let’s be serious… Southwest has gone downhill ever since they stopped serving peanuts, and now this? It’s not like there wasn’t somebody else in the cockpit flying the plane… jeez….