Head in the Car, Body in the Trunk

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Authorities in Othello, WA were responding to reports of an abandoned vehicle with blood on the hood in the area of 2200 West Charla Lane last Thursday morning. When they arrived, Deputies found an abandoned 2014 Honda Accord with a blood-like substance, flesh, and white hair on the outside

This piqued their interest, and they went on to find a woman's head on the back floorboard and the remains of a second woman inside the trunk.

28-year-old Mauricio Nava-Garibay later confessed to killing the two women in a fight. He told officers he got into a physical fight with the first woman when he told her that he had a present in the garage for her. As the fight progressed, he ended up stabbing her in the neck with a knife. He then punched her in the face, stabbed her multiple times in the body and strangled her with a belt and an extension cord.

Nava-Garibay said the second woman also entered the garage during the fight so he pushed her down, causing her to fall onto the car and then smashing her head on the concrete floor..

He then grabbed her by the head and stabbed her in the back of the neck.

He said that he cut up their bodies because they 'were too heavy to lift' into the car whole.

The names and ages of the victims have not been revealed at this time, but investigators have potentially determined who one of the women is. Both bodies are in such poor condition that identification is extraordinarily difficult.

Nava-Garibay was booked into Adams County Jail on suspicion of two counts of murder in the first degree and two counts of removal or concealment of a body.

I’d say this Kind of gives a new meaning to the term “junk in the trunk”...