Centipede Bites Hurt

This episode pretty much has it all - unintentional cannibalism, stupid criminals, plasic surgery gone wrong, and an attack with hot grits! Where else could you possibly get a mix of stories like this?

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Today's stories:

Chinese Serial Killer Sold Delicious Ostrich Meat Drunk Man Reported Missing Joins Search Party for Himself Adult Film Actress with Backyard Butt Implants Man Gets Insurance Payout after Centipede Bites his Nether Regions Woman in Custody for Abandoning Burning Car While Naked Boston High School Forced to Use Party Bus with Stripper Pole Man Arrested After Robbing Same Bank for Second Time in 3 Days New Jersey Serial Killer Sentenced to 160 Years in Prison Pizza Roll Pooper Apprehended Man Staged His Murder Victim at Walmart Man Sues Psychic Over Ex-girlfriend's Curse Metal Nails and Screws Removed from Man’s Stomach Woman Charged With Felonious Grits Attack Man Uses Sign as a Weapon

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