Bowel Movement Forced Flight to Land

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A British Airways flight from Heathrow to Dubai was forced to turn around because of an excessively smelly bowel movement.

A passenger who was actually on board the flight tweeted: "Insane. Our British Airways flight to Dubai returned back to Heathrow because of a smelly poo in the toilet."

He later told a newspaper: "The pilot made an announcement requesting senior cabin crew, and we knew something was a bit odd…

About 10 minutes later he said 'you may have noticed there's a quite pungent smell coming from one of the toilets'.

"He said it was liquid fecal excrement. Those are the words he used."

The plane had been airborne for just 30 minutes when it was forced to turn around.

The next available flight to Dubai was 15 hours later, so passengers had to be put up in a hotel overnight.

Speaking to a reporter, an airline employee said: "When you're up at that altitude the cabin has to be pressurized, so the problem is that anything like that is actually a health and safety problem because only 50 percent of the air is being recycled and cleaned."

In a statement, British Airways said: "A decision was taken to return for the safety and comfort of everyone on board. We're very sorry for the discomfort to our customers.”

I don’t know if they ever found out who did this, but that person should be arrested and tried as a terrorist. Afterall, they did blow up a plane, right?