013: Tattooed Eyeballs

Quite a load of craziness to start 2023 with!

- KFC customer shoots worker over corn - Uterus surgery means no kidneys - Teen Cyberbullied by Her Mom - Man Tattoos Minor Inside McDonald's - Woman Going Blind After Tattooing Eyes Blue and Purple - Man Dead After Being Stung By Swarm Of Bees - Disgusting British Revenge - Man Stabs Someone For Not Saying ‘Thank You - Woman Busted In Domestic Fight Over Adult Toy - Jail Term For Woman In Adult Toy Stabbing - Vacationing Cop Bladder Choices - Man Strikes Girlfriend With Adult Toy - Florida Teen Stabbed and Beat Mom - Patient Turned Off Ventilator - Former Cop Shoots Teen at McDonald’s

But hey, things can always be worse, right? I really want to talk to the lady that tattooed her eyeballs though, and not just becasue I think Irish accent are the coolest... Didn't potential blindness cross her mind as a tattoo needle was plunging in and out of her eye?