Jan. 24, 2021

Lettuce Meltdown

Lettuce Meltdown
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So here we are...  and where have we been?   Well, I cannot use COVID nor the recent crazy political climate we have experienced here in the States as excuses.  This one is on me.   My day job has kept be extraordinarily busy, to the point that I was working quite a few evenings to get caught up on some time sensitive stuff.   Of course, there are the extra work projects that I am a part of that have been eating at my time too. Nonetheless, here I am... back again!    Aside from the usual assortment of crazy news, that you have come to know and regret, I was also able to add a personal story.

My son and I tried the Firey Five Jelly Belly selections... we tried each flavor together - from Sriracha all the way up to Carolina Reaper!    They were pretty spicy, and if I get my son's permission, I'll post the video of his reaction to the Carolina Reaper Jelly Belly here on the site!

Today's story lineup includes the following gems:

- Man Fighting Covid Blinded and Paralyzed by Cobra
- The Pope’s Instagram Account Liked Bikini Model
- Florida mom made toddler smoke THC
- Biker is a 3 Time Loser
- Company Installs Timers in Employee Toilets
- Pastor Turns His Chapel Into a Strip Club
- Man on 28-year Lockdown in a Closet
- Hitler is Back
- Woman Found Part of Her Ear Missing After a Nose Job
- Children Sprout Hair All Over After Taking Medicine
- Naked Stranger Found Inside Tennessee Home
- Man Has Lack of Lettuce Meltdown
- Chicago Man Stabbed to Death Over Thanksgiving Leftovers


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