May 23, 2021

Bake Like an Egyptian

Bake Like an Egyptian

So here I am back again with another collection of oddities. While there are a fewer number of stories this episode, a couple of them are longer than usual, so it all evens out in the end. First off, when you think about it, things really have to be bad for a criminal to call the cops on his victim, right? That is a weird convergence of carjacking and irresponsible parenting… And it is unbelievable what action the Egyptian government considers appropriate for some phallic cupcakes.

I hope that this show is at least a slight glimmer of humor in this world of COVID, Chinese Rockets, and celebrities getting into odd sorts of troubles.

In this episode:

  • Car Thief Threatened to Call Cops on His Victim
  • Deadly Things We Used to Think Were Safe
  • Pensioners Are Learning How to Make Their Own Caskets
  • Egyptian Baker Arrested for Inappropriate Cupcakes
  • Extra Rules Added to Popular Games by Families

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