Nov. 27, 2020

Almond Milk is not Milk

Almond Milk is not Milk
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Well, yet another episode with a story or two that kind of left me speechless... and one that caused my physical discomfort. By the story titles, can you guess which one?

And this begs the question... if you volunteer for something or seek it out, can you later really be called a victim?

I recorded this episode on Thanksgiving night, so I was full of ham, mac & cheese, other miscellaneous sides, and a Russian River Blind Pig to drink. You be the judge if the food coma and/or IPA had an impact on this episide - I won't tell you how much postproduction was required.

This episode's top stories:

  • Quadruple Amputee Arrested for Drunk Driving
  • Man arrested after biting a man’s nose off
  • Man Arrested After Hitting Cop With Bible
  • Man Knifed Family Member over Almond Milk
  • Farmer has arm torn off by hay baler
  • Baby Shark Used To Punish Inmates
  • Airline Passenger Racist with a Crown
  • Couple Names Their Daughter after Internet Service Provider
  • Woman Busted After Hitting Cop With Meth
  • Man Busted For Pizza Battery
  • Illegal Castration is a thing in Oklahoma
  • Suspect’s ID Did Not Pass Sniff Test

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